Authors of Corn Crib Publishing

Christina Allen


Artist, Illustrator, 

and owner of Corn Crib Publishing

Charles Long


Author of "Momma Tree" 

and "A Farmer's Alphabet"

Laara C Oakes


Author of "The Sunflower Squirrel"



Corn Crib Publishing is a micro-publishing company with one to four new titles released each year.  We publish high quality  illustrated children’s books and some special themes (environmental and nature).

Our first three books have won five national awards!

Christina Allen, artist, illustrator, author

Christina Allen lives in southern Maryland on a sustainable homestead  with her husband Frank, cat Kiba, flock of sheep, rare Jersey Buff  heritage turkeys, and heritage chickens.  She has been a  professional artist for 35 years and is an avid handweaver, spinner, and  knitter also.

Both Christina and her husband are serious  gardeners (Frank for over  60 years and Christina for about  35 years), so plants, trees, and  flowers are an important part of  their life and her artwork. They  practice sustainable gardening and  raise much of their own food on  their farm using organic techniques.

She can be found most days in working in her Corn Crib Studio.

Christina got her BFA from the University of  Rhode Island, Kingston, RI and her Master’s from Rhode Island School of  Design, Providence, RI.

Charles Long, author

Charles Long is the author of "Momma Tree” -his first published book!  “Momma Tree” is a heartwarming story of  a mother and daughter learning about nature and life together. “A  Farmer’s Alphabet”, also written by Charles and illustrated by  Christina, is the second children’s book published together.  

Charles was born in Philadelphia, PA,  but grew up in New York City. He currently resides in Maryland. Besides  writing, he is a musician and songwriter, a fan of the New York Yankees  and the Green Bay Packers, a follower of BBC’s Top Gear, a lover of  Sci-Fi, and has a soft spot for rescuing retired greyhounds.


Laara C Oakes, author

Laara C Oakes is the author of The Sunflower Squirrel, her first published book. A story about a little squirrel with a big plan, The Sunflower Squirrel is infused with generosity, teamwork, and trust. 

Laara’s upcoming books with Corn Crib Publishing are: The Sunflower Squirrel Activity Book (a companion book to The Sunflower Squirrel picture book), and Little Crab Lost (a story about adventure and courage, as a juvenile hermit crab faces the dangers of living on a coral reef.)

Her middle grade novel, Castor Starlight: Race to Polaris is a swashbuckling space adventure about rogue drones, six-eyed aliens and a race across galaxies to catch an elusive thief.

Laara’s short stories, articles, and poetry have appeared in several literary journals including: Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine, Plum Tree Tavern, The Short Humour Site, and The Pangolin Review.

She has a background in science and has lived and worked throughout the United States from the California forests to the Florida wetlands. Her admiration and respect for nature are reflected in her delightful stories.

Coming in 2019:

"Red's First Snow" by Glenn Erick Miller

Glenn Erick Miller is the recipient of the 2017 Florida SCBWI Rising Kite Award for his picture book "What Can it Become?" He has also won a first-place prize in the Adirondack Writing Center's annual fiction awards, and a Pushcart Prize nomination for his short story "Weightless." His fiction and poetry has appeared in several literary journals including Citron Review, Agave Magazine, Red Earth Review, Heater, r.kv.r.y Quarterly, Fiction Fix, and Burrow Press Review.

He earned a BA in English from SUNY Oswego and an MA in English from Binghamton University. His career in education has taken him from being a tutor for at-risk teens to a college University. His career in education has taken him from being a tutor for at-risk teens to a college professor. In between, he has worked as a youth program director, a GED teacher, an editor, and a photographer.


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Corn Crib Studio & Publishing


Gold Indie Award for Excellence in Children's Books


"A Microchip on My Shoulder"

Written and Illustrated by Christina Allen

Gold Moonbeam Award


"Momma Tree"

Written by Charles Long

Illustrated by Christina Allen

Gold Mom's Choice Book Award


"Momma Tree"

Written by Charles Long

Illustrated by Christina Allen

Silver Moonbeam Award


"A Farmer's Alphabet"

Written by Charles Long

Illustrated by Christina Allen

Bronze Living Now Book Award


"A Farmer's Alphabet"

Written by Charles Long

Illustrated by Christina Allen

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$39.95 U.S. (trade discount)
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8.0″ x 10.0″ (upright/portrait)
ISBN 978–1–938086–55–7
Published in April 2018
Distributed by the University of Virginia Press
University of Virginia Press

“A Slice of Moon: A St. Augustine Tale of Love, Loss and Liberty,” J.S. Lavallee

In the historical novel, “A Slice of Moon: A St. Augustine Tale of  Love, Loss and Liberty,” J.S. Lavallee tells the story of Maya, a young  woman who escaped slavery in South Carolina in 1766 and hopes to find  Rafe, the man she loves at Fort Mose in St. Augustine.

Lavallee received two silver medal President’s Awards from the  Florida Authors and Publishers Association in August 2016 in two  categories: the Florida Fiction for Adults and Florida Young Adult  Books.